About Us

For any further information regarding any aspect of our services, please do not hesitate to contact us on 07454018406 or email us at info@irsa-security.co.uk
Leading Security Service provider with exceptional quality management skills
Irsa Security Services is providing pioneering security solutions across London and the United Kingdom. We have been providing a professional, cost effective and comprehensive security service since our inception. In terms of delivery and value, we pride ourselves on offering a solution which is second to none. At best, other systems can offer early crime detection. With our high-profile, vigilant security officers, we are renowned for our crime prevention techniques.

We endeavour to build a strong foundation in the security services industry and strive to exceed client expectations whilst offering them peace of mind and a tailored service specific to their needs and requirements.

What We Do

Irsa security goal is to provide high-quality security services that deliver the best value to his client. More than a slogan, the concern is the security of their clients. Irsa Security is known for providing exceptional service, integrity and professionalism. Our relentless focus on client needs has enabled us to become the trusted partner we set out to be.

The world continues to change rapidly and threats become more complex, making effective security more critical than ever before. We continue working to stay ahead of emerging threats, gathering intelligence and examining risks to ensure optimised security for our clients.